Updating the Old Masters

Old masters, new media.  I found this link through one of my favorite blogs and thought it was kind of cute and quirky.  The artist is a Ukrainian woman named Nastya Nudnik who has … shall we say, updated works of old masters for the computer age.  I think I’m partial to the Edward Hopper series.  See all her projects here.





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Obsessed: Gray Malin Photography

I have recently become completely obsessed with the photographer, Gray Malin.  At the rate I am going, I will be his largest collector, which, as I’m typing this, might need to be my new goal.  Prior to my obsession, I have never been that interested in purchasing photographs, because in my head, I think I can take photos just as well (hah!).  Gray is an amazing photographer though, with such a quirky spirit and a unique vision.  All his pictures are just so light and upbeat and happy.  Exhibit A:

I mean, come on.  Hilarious.  I in fact own this llama picture below.  I felt pretty ridiculous when I ordered it, but as soon as I got it, my life was happier and I think it might be the best purchase ever.  I have named him Lolo.  Lolo the Llama.   We’re getting him framed tomorrow and I couldn’t be more stoked to have something so awesome and silly adorning my wall.  How could you not love Lolo?

Lolo is from Bolivia.  This series was taken in the salt flats, Salar de Uyuni, which has single handedly inspired my need to go to Bolivia, stat.  I also own both of these.  I have a problem.

I should probably next branch out at least into another series.  I love the Dolce Vita series and it always make me want to jet off to the Italian coast.  Really, he feeds my travel bug.  I follow him on Instagram and he’s got this amazing, glamorous jet-set life.  Can we be friends, Gray??




In love with the Prada Marfa series too (ok really, I’m obviously in love with every single photo he’s done).  If you’re not familiar, Marfa, as you can see, is a little Texas town in the middle of nowhere that has become quite the artist haven.  The Prada Marfa is a storefront installation that, well, looks like a Prada store.  It’s on my list to make pilgrimage out there one weekend.  I hear it feeds the soul.



I’m really loving his latest series in Antarctica.  Blow up flamingos and beach umbrellas??  I mean, seriously.

Swan_Ice_Arch_5 (1)


See more here – all photos are from Gray Malin.  I’ll just be here plotting my next purchase.

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Raspberry Lemonade Spring Cleanse Smoothie

I just spent a wonderful weekend in Washington DC catching up with tons of great friends (sorry, somehow I managed to avoid taking pictures… too caught up in, well, catching up I guess!).  Unfortunately for me, what this usually means is majorly overindulging in food and, let’s be real, WINE (and some wonderfully sugary gin drinks that apparently we could not seem to get enough of on Friday night).

So, crawling back to Dallas with my tail between my quickly atrophying legs, I was looking for a kick start to get back on track for the week (at least until Wednesday and my dad’s birthday dinner – life is all about balance, right?? (humor me, say yes!)).  I had bookmarked this recipe for a spring cleanse smoothie so this was the perfect time to give it a try.  Usually I’m the green smoothie type, but variety is the spice of life (and health), right?  By the way, Well+Good is a great health and fitness online magazine/daily newsletter that I love.  It’s been New York-centric, but is now expanding nationally, so check them out!


{photo via Well + Good}

Here is the recipe, super easy:

1 cup dandelion root tea (chilled)
1 cup frozen organic raspberries
1 lemon (peeled, but the WHOLE thing)
10 fresh mint leaves
1 Tbsp raw honey (ideally local) (usually I ignore calls for honey/sweeteners in smoothies because I don’t love sweet things, but there’s a whole lemon in this bitch, we’re not messing around!  The honey is your friend.)

I feel better already!

Here’s the full story:

Recipe: Raspberry Lemonade Spring Cleanse Smoothie | Well+Good NYC.


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I’m in love with Jake Ballard

First off, if you people aren’t watching SCANDAL, you’re seriously missing out.  It’s such a gripping political thriller.  Which anyone that knows me know is right up my alley.  But that is not what this post is about.  It’s about Jake.  Ballard.

Flashback to oh… I dunno, 1998?  Felicity anyone?  Who wouldn’t love the adorable geek down the hall?

I guess…  But look NOW (aaaaaah):

Man, he suits up well.  [SPOILER ALERT:  if you haven’t watched Scandal, but plan on it, maybe don’t read any more words.  Just gaze into those eyes.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you.  Jake Ballard (real name Scot Foley) has some edge to him.  There’s some blood on his hands.  He is a major badass.  Sometimes just bad.  But deep down, I think he’s a good guy.  And the edge makes him all the more hot.  Blood … hot.

Ready to watch yet???


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The Grand Budapest Hotel in Awkward Photos


I finally (ok, I realize it hasn’t been out that long, but I have been plotting/awaiting for much longer) went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend (and was happily surprised to discover one of my best friends is a Wes Anderson freak because I never find anyone that wants to see movies I want to see!).  So good – I was completely and totally entertained the entire time.  I do so love Wes.  His movies have such distinct and unique character – I really appreciate that you could see some random movie and immediately know it was his.  Every shot tends to be very centered (who doesn’t like symmetry??), the characters tend to move in a very two-dimensional (hysterical) way, and all the characters are just delightfully awkward.  Everything is awkward – I love it.  He loves to bring back old alumni from other movies, and if I were a famous celebrity (or, let’s be real, just myself), I would just die to have  ridiculous cameo in a Wes Anderson movie.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

{all images via}

Tilda Swinton as old?  Amazing.

wes anderson animated GIF

More awkward:

wes anderson animated GIF

2-D, funny running:

the grand budapest hotel animated GIF

I can’t even decide who the best character is.  It is just a perfectly cast movie.  Ralph Fiennes is just incredible, plays it perfectly and is just so funny.  Love Edward Norton.  LOVE Adrien Brody.  Willem Dafoe?  I just don’t even know.  Please see it – highly recommended.

I’m thinking about planning an awkward major Wes-Anderson-binge-movie-watching-weekend soon.  Here is my very favorite Wes Anderson character ever (from Royal Tennenbaums of course).  Someday I will acquire this fur coat and be her for Halloween.  Or life.  By far Gwyneth’s best role.

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One More Thing

photo (1)

I just finished B.J. Novak’s new book of short stories, One More Thing.  I’m usually quick to read fun comedians’ books – Mindy’s, Tina’s, Chelsea Handler’s.   But I have to say, I mostly starting reading his book because B.J. came through town and I went to see him at the Dallas Museum of Art (I’m sooooo cultured).  If we’re being totally honest here, I went because he’s best friends with Mindy Kaling (I love her so much and think we’d be great friends – Mindy, holler at me!).  I guess that he wrote for the Office couldn’t hurt either.

I went in not quite knowing what to expect.  I really didn’t know that much about him (like that he was on Punk’d…), but he was such a light and fun yet totally intelligent presence.  He read a few of his stories out loud, which I initially didn’t think would be all that interesting, but it’s great to have an animated author expressing his stories and characters exactly as he intended them to be.   Including yelling the f-word out loud (LOUDLY) (my immediate reaction was as if someone had said that in church – I mean, the art museum is sacred, man!) … that’s the way to get your point across.  Anyways, it turned out to be completely enthralling.  Then there was a question/answer session and you could immediately see how quick and witty he is.  Even boring questions had hilarious and interesting answers.

So, obviously, I had to read the whole book.  When I say short stories, some of them are so short they’re not really stories.   Like we’re talking a few sentences.  It’s a structure that I haven’t read lately (I’m usually not that into short stories), and I have to say I found it really refreshing.  He has a very unique mind – some of the stories are OUT THERE.  Like you read them and think, ‘how would someone even come up with this??’   Honestly though, some, I feel like I didn’t quiiite understand the whole point.  And some are surprisingly dark and serious.  In all, it’s quite a mix, very varied, but yet he still manages to have some semblance of unity and continuity.  And, basically, he’s adorable too, so there’s that 🙂

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Wild Detectives Bookstore

I don’t know if it has occurred to anyone else, but Dallas has NO bookstores.  Even the big box Barnes and Nobles seem to be phasing out into the abyss that is Amazon Prime.  I know I’m probably in the old-timey minority in that I actually still like to read real life books, but I love them.  Always will.  I’ve got stacks everywhere in my apartment and boxes full of books in my garage (waiting for the day I have a grownup house with a real library).  And I LOVE me the bookstore.  I tend to end up binge-buying 10 books at a time when I may have the time to read one.  I get overzealous, what can I say?  But there’s something about the physical book store that just makes you feel like the world is full of possibilities and adventure and knowledge.  I feel less romantic about my iPad, this is not the movie Her.  

Thinking about recent (ish) trips to San Francisco and Austin, it has occurred to me that there really are very few independent bookstores in Dallas.  Upon asking the Googles, it really seems to be mostly religious bookstores and Half Price Books.  I completely get that this is the digital age, but come on people!  So imagine my excitement when I find out that there is a new independent bookstore opening in the oh so cool Bishop Arts area of Dallas, called The Wild Detectives.  AND they have wine!!  It’s like this place was meant for me!  (Also, I feel like the booze is sadly actually how they will make their money since I’m apparently the only one that still buys books.)

wild detectives


So, did I go to the bookstore on Friday evening cause I’m a huge dork?  You’re damn right I did.  The place is adorable, in a little house just a block off the main trendy strip of hot restaurants.  The book selection is small and curated (very well in my book snob opinion) – sorry, you’re going to have to order Hunger Games online – you’re not going to get it here (no judgement though, I’m on the second book now).  I got a glass of red wine from the bar and wandered around the little space.  Once it truly gets up and going (I think there will be readings and book clubs, etc.), it’s going to be such a great space.  The backyard (since it’s a house on a residential block) seems to be under construction and I can’t wait to see what they make of the space.  I bought Robert Bolano’s book The Savage Detectives, after which the store is supposedly named, so I will let you know what I think.  I’m actually shocked I made it out of the store with only one book, but I will definitely be back.  Wine + books = my happy place!


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