Pencil Perfect

I had a little bit of a What Not to Wear moment today.  I mean, I wasn’t wearing something terrible, BUT I changed up my look a bit, and got a ridiculous (in a good way) response!  I wore a bright pencil skirt with a tucked in t-shirt (both the color of the skirt and the t-shirtness I felt was a little risky for a corporate law firm, but I figured, hey, it’s Friday…)  Totally basic outfit.  But apparently I don’t wear figure-hugging outfits that show off my waist (because frankly I don’t always love its size…) enough, but the feedback says I should!  Pencil skirts are very flattering for a number of body types, so I don’t know why I’ve shied away from them.
I always feel like pencil skirts, though classic, can be really drab and boring – too corporate (thus why the one on my bod currently is mint green/teal).  Lately I’ve been working on buying more work clothes that I’m happy to wear to a happy hour/dinner/date, where I don’t feel like a boring librarian.  So I bring you the most fun pencil skirts I can find.  I really think with a plain, smart top and maybe a blazer, these are completely work (and happy hour!) friendly.
Pencil Perfect

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