Back to School….

Hello!  I am back after a busy week with a report on my new literature class that I (potentially ill-advisedly) signed up for.  I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath.  The Ciffs’ Notes:  I survived week 1.
First off, I SNUCK out of work early (6:30 to be exact – YOLO!!).  No one at work knows I signed up for a literature class.  I don’t want everyone to know how cool I am.  They also don’t know I have a blog.  I’m basically living a double life.  Like Super Woman and the presumably normal/nerdy person she was in real life (maybe my next class will be in comics and I can make more intelligent references.)
Did I read the full half of The Master and Margarita that I was supposed to?  … Not quite.  (But pretty close!).  Ah, memories of showing up to class unprepared and being terrified of being called on (law school, sometimes most times, I do not miss you).  In true law school form, I eeked into the back row and tried to hide (good thing we all rearranged our chairs into a circle.)  I must say though, it’s an odd thing, going to a class that no one is forced to go to, that people ACTUALLY ATTEND ON PURPOSE.  FOR FUN.  (Nerds, all, but 1. that’s beside the point, and 2. we already knew that.)  Pressure/fear of failure… gone.  Weird.
Anyways, I arrive at the immaculate country club of a campus, walk into the room, and immediately learn that I basically just paid money to join an eccentric book club of older people who all already know each other.  People have asked me if there were cute guys (probably because most of the things I do in life are in the hopes of meeting a cute guy – don’t act like you’re any different).  Maybe they were 30 years ago?  Maybe they have cute sons?  Suffice to say, an “adult enrichment” literature class is not quite as effective as taking shots and acting crazy at a college bar in terms of picking up an eligible gentleman.   (I should probably write a dating book.)
Anyways, I digress.  These people were truly eccentric.   One guy has read the book twice, with two different translations … to make sure he caught everything?  (These people have more free time than me … maybe they don’t hang out at the bar as much….)  One high school English teacher clearly hates the book and was kind of grumpy and surly about it the whole time.  He’s clearly my favorite.  Then there were was this 90 year old lady who sounded like her dentures were taking over her mouth.
Anyways, I think it’s good to branch out and try new things and new experiences, and I do actually in fact look forward to making some legit nutty, yet extremely intelligent and well-read old people friends.  Yay, the book club I’ve been looking for!  Sort of.

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