Some Wanderlust

Hello, I am back after another extremely long hiatus.  Clearly consistency isn’t my thing.  The same goes with diet and exercise too apparently, but I digress.  I blame not blogging more on being super busy.  Which is totally real, BUT, it has occurred to me that I do watch too much tv.  Surely there are more productive uses of my time.  In fact, I do have a large task at hand.  My college roommate and I are looking into an exotic adventure this summer, and it is my task to do some research on where we should go.  I think we’re both agreed on a few things – we want to go somewhere interesting and maybe a little different from where everyone goes (she gets me!), no beaches/just laying around, and nothing to “scene-y” (her words).

So, here’s a little travel inspiration from my couch this fine Sunday.  Send me trip ideas!

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia – This is inspired by my favorite photographer (more on that another day).  I mean, have you ever been anywhere that looks like this?

Uyuni Salt Lake 2


Also, they have this lake:



Cappadocia, Turkey – This is not actually on the list for my summer trip because my friend has already been here (jerk) but this is super high on my life long list.



Pamukkale, Turkey.  Man, I have to get to Turkey.



Infinity Pools, Ubud, Bali.  A little too honeymoon-y for a college roommate trip (MAYBE), but I could hang here.



Derweze, Turkmenistan – Man made… not on purpose.  Ok, so we probably will not end up here.  But, how cool.



Laos.  Vietnam’s cooler, less popular sibling.



Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, Wulingyuan, China



Myanmar – I mean, come on!




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2 responses to “Some Wanderlust

  1. Nic

    Save Laos and Myanmar for me!!

  2. Here’s hoping that you manage to visit all the places…eventually! 🙂

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