The Grand Budapest Hotel in Awkward Photos


I finally (ok, I realize it hasn’t been out that long, but I have been plotting/awaiting for much longer) went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend (and was happily surprised to discover one of my best friends is a Wes Anderson freak because I never find anyone that wants to see movies I want to see!).  So good – I was completely and totally entertained the entire time.  I do so love Wes.  His movies have such distinct and unique character – I really appreciate that you could see some random movie and immediately know it was his.  Every shot tends to be very centered (who doesn’t like symmetry??), the characters tend to move in a very two-dimensional (hysterical) way, and all the characters are just delightfully awkward.  Everything is awkward – I love it.  He loves to bring back old alumni from other movies, and if I were a famous celebrity (or, let’s be real, just myself), I would just die to have  ridiculous cameo in a Wes Anderson movie.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

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Tilda Swinton as old?  Amazing.

wes anderson animated GIF

More awkward:

wes anderson animated GIF

2-D, funny running:

the grand budapest hotel animated GIF

I can’t even decide who the best character is.  It is just a perfectly cast movie.  Ralph Fiennes is just incredible, plays it perfectly and is just so funny.  Love Edward Norton.  LOVE Adrien Brody.  Willem Dafoe?  I just don’t even know.  Please see it – highly recommended.

I’m thinking about planning an awkward major Wes-Anderson-binge-movie-watching-weekend soon.  Here is my very favorite Wes Anderson character ever (from Royal Tennenbaums of course).  Someday I will acquire this fur coat and be her for Halloween.  Or life.  By far Gwyneth’s best role.


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