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Wild Detectives Bookstore

I don’t know if it has occurred to anyone else, but Dallas has NO bookstores.  Even the big box Barnes and Nobles seem to be phasing out into the abyss that is Amazon Prime.  I know I’m probably in the old-timey minority in that I actually still like to read real life books, but I love them.  Always will.  I’ve got stacks everywhere in my apartment and boxes full of books in my garage (waiting for the day I have a grownup house with a real library).  And I LOVE me the bookstore.  I tend to end up binge-buying 10 books at a time when I may have the time to read one.  I get overzealous, what can I say?  But there’s something about the physical book store that just makes you feel like the world is full of possibilities and adventure and knowledge.  I feel less romantic about my iPad, this is not the movie Her.  

Thinking about recent (ish) trips to San Francisco and Austin, it has occurred to me that there really are very few independent bookstores in Dallas.  Upon asking the Googles, it really seems to be mostly religious bookstores and Half Price Books.  I completely get that this is the digital age, but come on people!  So imagine my excitement when I find out that there is a new independent bookstore opening in the oh so cool Bishop Arts area of Dallas, called The Wild Detectives.  AND they have wine!!  It’s like this place was meant for me!  (Also, I feel like the booze is sadly actually how they will make their money since I’m apparently the only one that still buys books.)

wild detectives


So, did I go to the bookstore on Friday evening cause I’m a huge dork?  You’re damn right I did.  The place is adorable, in a little house just a block off the main trendy strip of hot restaurants.  The book selection is small and curated (very well in my book snob opinion) – sorry, you’re going to have to order Hunger Games online – you’re not going to get it here (no judgement though, I’m on the second book now).  I got a glass of red wine from the bar and wandered around the little space.  Once it truly gets up and going (I think there will be readings and book clubs, etc.), it’s going to be such a great space.  The backyard (since it’s a house on a residential block) seems to be under construction and I can’t wait to see what they make of the space.  I bought Robert Bolano’s book The Savage Detectives, after which the store is supposedly named, so I will let you know what I think.  I’m actually shocked I made it out of the store with only one book, but I will definitely be back.  Wine + books = my happy place!



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