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Raspberry Lemonade Spring Cleanse Smoothie

I just spent a wonderful weekend in Washington DC catching up with tons of great friends (sorry, somehow I managed to avoid taking pictures… too caught up in, well, catching up I guess!).  Unfortunately for me, what this usually means is majorly overindulging in food and, let’s be real, WINE (and some wonderfully sugary gin drinks that apparently we could not seem to get enough of on Friday night).

So, crawling back to Dallas with my tail between my quickly atrophying legs, I was looking for a kick start to get back on track for the week (at least until Wednesday and my dad’s birthday dinner – life is all about balance, right?? (humor me, say yes!)).  I had bookmarked this recipe for a spring cleanse smoothie so this was the perfect time to give it a try.  Usually I’m the green smoothie type, but variety is the spice of life (and health), right?  By the way, Well+Good is a great health and fitness online magazine/daily newsletter that I love.  It’s been New York-centric, but is now expanding nationally, so check them out!


{photo via Well + Good}

Here is the recipe, super easy:

1 cup dandelion root tea (chilled)
1 cup frozen organic raspberries
1 lemon (peeled, but the WHOLE thing)
10 fresh mint leaves
1 Tbsp raw honey (ideally local) (usually I ignore calls for honey/sweeteners in smoothies because I don’t love sweet things, but there’s a whole lemon in this bitch, we’re not messing around!  The honey is your friend.)

I feel better already!

Here’s the full story:

Recipe: Raspberry Lemonade Spring Cleanse Smoothie | Well+Good NYC.



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