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I’m in love with Jake Ballard

First off, if you people aren’t watching SCANDAL, you’re seriously missing out.  It’s such a gripping political thriller.  Which anyone that knows me know is right up my alley.  But that is not what this post is about.  It’s about Jake.  Ballard.

Flashback to oh… I dunno, 1998?  Felicity anyone?  Who wouldn’t love the adorable geek down the hall?

I guess…  But look NOW (aaaaaah):

Man, he suits up well.  [SPOILER ALERT:  if you haven’t watched Scandal, but plan on it, maybe don’t read any more words.  Just gaze into those eyes.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you.  Jake Ballard (real name Scot Foley) has some edge to him.  There’s some blood on his hands.  He is a major badass.  Sometimes just bad.  But deep down, I think he’s a good guy.  And the edge makes him all the more hot.  Blood … hot.

Ready to watch yet???



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